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1st Grade Supply List

Required Items
  • Cloth Mask and Personal Refillable Water Bottle
    *Set of headphones (No Earbuds)
    *1 plastic pencil box with hinges-no pencil pouches
    *1 pair of scissors (kid size)
    *1 box of crayons
    *1 pack of pencils (12)-pre-sharpened the plan is to have 3 pencils at all times in their pencil
    *1 small handheld pencil sharpener-It needs to fit in their pencil box
    * 2 pink erasers- not the pencil top kind
    *1 small hand sanitizer for pencil box
    1 large hand sanitizer
    1 container of Lysol/Clorox wipes
    1 roll of paper towels (boys)
    1 box of Kleenex (girls)
    1 box of gallon storage bags (boys)
    1 box of quart storage bags (girls)
    *2 Durable Plastic folders with brads
    * 2 Durable Plastic folders without brads
    1 pack of dry erase markers-Multi color pack
    1 ream 500 sheets of copy paper
    *1 Binder with front sleeve
    Go ahead and label items with the *, these items will be used only by your
    student. Put the items in their pencil box. Please do not send in items that are
    not on the list. We are limited with storage space in the classroom. We will ask
    for more items when needed.