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Membership Form

Return the form with your dues to the PTA mailbox or to your child's teacher.


Become a Member!

Sandia Base PTA encourages parent and community involvement to support our children in their academic and social education. You don't have to commit to volunteer hours or attend every meeting; we respect that you do only what you can when you can.

Even if you can afford no time other than filling out the membership form and sending in your membership fee, we absolutely welcome you and your support, as the information you learn throughout PTA correspondence will really help you connect with your school community.

Your membership sponsors the following activities at Sandia Base Elementary:

  • Field Trip buses
  • Fall Festival
  • Science Expo
  • Spring Fling
  • Computer Lab Support
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Book Room
  • School Improvements
  • Reflections Art program
  • Assemblies
  • Staff Appreciation
  • Awards
  • And much, much more… 

PTA members also get discounted Staff Appreciation prices and voting privileges.